Why Transcend?

We work with students, families, schools, and community partners to support student achievement. We focus on results-based metrics for strong return on investment and education.

Broadening Horizons

Transcend Academy has expanded programming to over 50 simultaneous courses at high schools and nonprofit organizations in Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. In the current academic year, every program comprehensively tracks student achievement with class attendance, course grades, state test scores, and/or college admissions results.

For academic achievement goals, a two-month SAT course increases score by 100 points on average.

  • Charter School: Improved 133 SAT average points in 5 weeks
  • Public School: Improved 63 SAT average points in 8 weeks
  • Nonprofit: 83% of students improved SAT scores in 5 weeks

Award-Winning Service

Transcend Academy's above-and-beyond dedication to students has led to a number of distinctions. They include the Washington Award Program's "Best in Washington" Award in Education Services, a designation offered only to one Washington, DC company per year, "Best Test Prep Tutors in Washington, DC" by CBS-DC DC, and the Stevie Gold Award for community involvement.

Testimonials From Our Students

"Everything about Transcend Academy was superb! The staff was excellent and they really worked with me to increase my scores substantially.”

Ashaad, George Washington University

"Just got my SAT scores - wow! Guess the sessions worked. 800 on critical reading, 710 on math, and 780 on writing."

Betsy, Columbia University

"I am so grateful for the experience I had working with Transcend. The difference between where I started and the final product is night and day."

Kelsey, University of Pennsylvania

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