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Founded by a Yale university graduate and high school teacher, Transcend Academy’s mission is to help prepare students for admission into their best universities. Recipient of “Top Test Prep Tutors” by CBS-DC and “Best in Education Services” in Washington, DC; Transcend provides accessible, high-quality test preparation and college admissions coaching for diverse students from around the world. We work with students one-on-one online and in classroom settings at schools to maximize their chances to reach their best universities.  Transcend Academy delivers results with student score improvements of an average 100 SAT points and 3 ACT points in two months. Our unique curriculum provides a wraparound college admissions package, including support for standardized test preparation, essay evaluations, recommendation letters, resumes, college matching, financial aid review, and much more.  As a result, 85% of our students have been admitted to one of their top three universities. How can we help you achieve your dreams?

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