$1,500.00 USD

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The customer agrees to pay Transcend Academy, LLC for educational consulting services. For this fee, Transcend Academy agrees to provide the full range of services outlined in the Go Apply package, as appropriate and agreed upon by both parties.

SERVICES: Transcend Academy will use their expertise and experience to the best of their ability to research and provide to the parent/legal guardian/self information as to the facilities available to meet the student and family’s needs, as such needs are reported to Transcend Academy. This information shall include any and all testing, documentation, school records and “releases of information”. The final selection of facility is the sold responsibility of the parent/legal guardian/self.  

COMMUNICATION: Transcend Academy will do their best to stay current and up to date with all progress made throughout the duration of the contract via email, telephone and text to parents and facility. It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian/self to contact Transcend Academy if there are any problems or issues with the facility in an effort to help resolve the issue forthright.

PAYMENT: Payment is due upon agreement. This contract will remain in effect from one calendar year. If termination of contract is necessitated prior to the one calendar year end date by either party, a minimum of 30 days written notice must be given to second party.

Transcend Academy neither solicits nor accepts compensation from any school, program or institution where students are placed. Transcend Academy adheres to the ethical standards set forth by the Independent Educational Consultant Association. Transcend Academy cannot guarantee either admission to, or success in, a school or program

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Get Ready - College Prep

We are excited to set you up for success and help you find the best university for you!

The 9th and 10th grade Get Ready Package includes 8 check-in meetings with detailed follow-on student homework.

Coaches have college planning items to cover, however can be flexible with student requests. Deliverables include:

- High school resume
- Extracurricular activities recommendations
- Internships Suggestions
- Standardized test planning
- Educational curriculum review
- Others as requested by the student