What makes a good online teacher?

tips & tricks Apr 10, 2019
Online teaching has been a booming business in the last few years. In the current gig economy, online teaching is an attractive side hustle because of the flexible hours and how little equipment is needed to get started. Others are using online English teaching as a main source of income as they travel the world. Whether you want to become an online teacher to supplement your vacation fund or to pay the bills, you are not alone!
If you want to get into online English education, or any other type of online teaching, you want to set yourself up for success. People often talk about the physical tools you need, like high-speed internet and a good microphone, but you also need to consider the mental tools you need to be an excellent online instructor. The following traits and tips are for everyone, whether you’re a classroom teacher or an online-only educator!
Knowing how to interactively engage with students online is...
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How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

Want to achieve your New Year’s resolution? Check out these top tips and free resources for you!

Learning a new skill is one of the top New Year’s resolutions people make every year. Some people want to learn a new language, others want to be better at money management. Following are some tips - and free resources - to tackle your New Year’s Resolution.

Trying to learn something new can be time consuming and exhausting. However, we generally gain more satisfaction from fully immersing ourselves in such activities. We tend to spend our extra time on things like social media, watching Netflix, and other passive activities because they’re more accessible. Therefore, if we really want to tackle a new skill, we have to remove obstacles!

Everyone has different obstacles they need to overcome. The most common are motivation, lack of time, cost, and access to teaching material. Below, we’ll talk about how to conquer these different barriers.


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Winner of the 2018 Best in Washington Award... Transcend Academy!

Transcend Academy is thrilled and honored to announce that we are the recipient of the 2018 Best in Washington Award! Only one education company in the District of Columbia wins this award, making it very special. Thank you to the Award Program for recognizing us.

We are so grateful to our students, families, and schools, who fuel our passion for education and continuously inspire us. We are also thankful for YOU, our readers! Thank you for your support and positivity. And finally, we are enormously appreciative of our coaches and staff, for all the hard work they do to make this possible.  

Check out the press release below for more details:


Press Release


Transcend Academy Receives 2018 Best of Washington Award

Washington Award Program Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON November 28, 2018 -- Transcend Academy has been selected for the 2018 Best of Washington Award in the Tutoring Service category by the Washington Award Program.

Each year,...

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Best Holiday Gifts for University-Bound Students

student life Nov 30, 2018

If you’re stuck for gifts for your favorite university-bound student, Transcend Academy has you covered! Check out the list below for holiday presents for every kind of student. And don’t worry! We’re not being sponsored by any of the products listed


For the Student Who’s Always on the Go

Portable Charger

You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a seat with no outlets, or on a bus ride home with a dying phone. You can get quality ones for pretty cheap, and nobody has ever been upset about more battery life for their device.


A Good Jacket

What defines a good jacket? It depends on the on-the-go student. Are they running between afterschool jobs? Between internships and meetings? Between outdoor hikes and indoor rock climbing? It could be something small, lightweight, and warm, or a stylish blazer. For me, I would run from class, to club, to my job as a waitress. I would be gone for hours, and the weather could change drastically....

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Early Action vs Early Decision to University

Early action and early decision application deadlines are around the corner, usually November 1 and November 15. In advance of these upcoming dates, here are some top questions and answers when deciding if your students should apply – and take advantage – of these early deadlines:

  1. What are Early Action and Early Decision?

Early Action (EA) applications are nonbinding, which means admitted students are not required to commit to attend the university. Students can decide in late Spring. Early Decision (ED) applications are binding, which means admitted students must attend the university. Approximately 450 universities have early action or early decision options.

  1. What is single-choice or restrictive early action?

Many top universities - Harvard, Yale, Stanford - enforce a “single-choice” or “restrictive early action” policy. The policy varies by university, but its restrictions lie somewhere between early action and early decision for...

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2018 Guide for International Students Applying to American Universities


If you are planning to apply to an American university as an international student, you probably already have a few ideas on how to start. Many of you will take the TOEFL after years of English classes, but it takes more than excellent TOEFL scores to succeed and thrive. Here is your guide on how to be on top of applying to American colleges.

It’s More Than Just Grades

The United States does not have a university entrance examination system, like the A levels in the United Kingdom or the gaokao in China. Most international students are required to take the TOEFL and sometimes the SAT or ACT depending on the school. A few universities, like the University of Southern California , even allow you to take the SAT or ACT instead of the TOEFL if you are nervous about the verbal section.

However, a high standardized test score won’t guarantee admission. Some American universities are even making standardized test scores optional. It does not mean that your test scores...

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How to Optimize Your Time


Whether you’re a student preparing for the SAT in between homework and practice, or a parent trying to get everyone where they need to be while juggling work and chores, scheduling can be a nightmare. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done!

Carefully planning and managing your time is a key characteristic of successful students. It prevents procrastination on important assignments and cramming the night before the test. By keeping to a schedule, students can recognize areas of concern early and ask for help. High school students have most of their day planned out for them, but university students can struggle with time management, since days are less structured.

My first quarter at college, I only had classes from 8:30am to 11:30am. However, I still managed to procrastinate on projects until the day before. I wasn’t used to having so much free time and having the freedom to structure it as I saw fit. It took me some time to find a...

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7 Ways to Boost Your ACT Score (Without Studying)

The ACT is tomorrow morning, and some of you or your students will probably be taking it! Hopefully everyone has been studying hard. But no matter how much studying you do, the day before a standardized test can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we’re here to give you 7 ways to prepare for the ACT and maximize your score!


  1. Organize Ahead of Time What You Need for the ACT

To save yourself some stress the morning of the ACT, it’s best to have your logistics sorted out by the day before. How are you getting to the testing site? If someone is giving you or your student a ride, confirm the time with them the day before so there are no surprises. If the test is being held at a place you’ve never been before, like your local community college or another testing center, look at how long it takes to get there and give yourself some buffer time in case you get lost.

Also, check to see if you have a few good No. 2 pencils with erasers and an approved calculator...

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4 Ways to Make a Big School Feel Small

In last week’s blog, we talked about how to narrow down your list of top universities. One of the aspects we discussed is whether a big school or a small school is right for you or your student. Many people lean on their family and friends for support and motivation, which is why campus community is such a big factor for people determining which schools they may want to attend.

Big schools often cost less and provide more options in terms of majors, which is why they can be a great choice for you or your student. However, people sometimes fear getting lost in the crowd at a school like that. That’s why today’s blog post will be going over how to make a big school feel small!

1. Get Involved Early

Before you even arrive on campus there are steps you can take to join the community. If you live nearby, it’s definitely worth it to check out the campus and surrounding neighborhood. Bring some friends along too if you can! It will feel less intimidating when you...

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How to Make Your Dream College List

A lot of students have a dream university – Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Yale – but smart students strive for options with multiple acceptances. That’s why we’re talking about how to create a dream college list! The perfect list for you includes within-reach, in-range, and safety universities whose profiles match what you want. How do you do that? We will go over some questions you should ask yourself or your child to help narrow down your options when figuring out how to pick the best university for you. 

It’s best to start selecting your top universities now if you haven’t already. Undergraduate early admissions applications are generally due in November. Therefore, if you want to visit a campus or have time to tailor your application to a particular college, you should have your list figured out by September at the latest. For regular applications, the deadline is usually January, so you have an extra few weeks. The exact...

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