Best Holiday Gifts for University-Bound Students

student life Nov 30, 2018

If you’re stuck for gifts for your favorite university-bound student, Transcend Academy has you covered! Check out the list below for holiday presents for every kind of student. And don’t worry! We’re not being sponsored by any of the products listed 😊


For the Student Who’s Always on the Go

Portable Charger

You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a seat with no outlets, or on a bus ride home with a dying phone. You can get quality ones for pretty cheap, and nobody has ever been upset about more battery life for their device.


A Good Jacket

What defines a good jacket? It depends on the on-the-go student. Are they running between afterschool jobs? Between internships and meetings? Between outdoor hikes and indoor rock climbing? It could be something small, lightweight, and warm, or a stylish blazer. For me, I would run from class, to club, to my job as a waitress. I would be gone for hours, and the weather could change drastically. Having a collapsible jacket that I could just keep in my backpack was so helpful!


Collapsible Bag

Something you can tuck away in a backpack or even clip onto your keys (yes, they make them that small) can be super useful. Who doesn’t need more bags after all? And this way, if your student forgets they need to swing by the store after their job/meeting/hike, they are are ready to go with a reusable bag.


For the Student Who Loves to Host

Board Games

Sometimes you want to do an activity that is not re-watching your favorite Netflix show. I have heard of two-day-long UNO games, fueled predominately by doughnuts and Taco Bell. There has been an influx of new, creative board games in the past few years, so you’re not just limited to Monopoly or Sorry. Popular picks as of late include Settlers of Catan (once a niche game turned mainstream hit), Ticket to Ride (think Around the World in 80 Days, but solely with trains), Codenames (rival spymasters trying to take each other down), and Pandemic (a game where you have to all work together to save the world).


Collapsible Mixing Bowl

I never seemed to have enough space when I lived in a dorm, and later in a tiny apartment, so a collapsible mixing bowl was a great little addition to my small collection of cooking tools. Fun fact – I still have it, 6 years later. It lies flat and is easy to clean. If you’re asking yourself why your social butterfly student needs a mixing bowl, let me tell you something – do you know who the most popular person in the dorm is? It’s the person who bakes cupcakes and shares. Get a mixing bowl, get a box of cake mix, and tada! Instant friends!


For the Student Obsessed with Cooking Shows

Rice Cooker & Steamer

I actually ate vegetables in university because of this handy tool. In fact, I think 50% of my vegetable intake my freshman year was due to my rice cooker. I would buy the bag of precut vegetables and toss some of it in the steaming basket while my rice cooked. Sometimes I would also toss in cubes of tofu, because a) tofu is cheaper than meat, b) tofu has a fair amount of protein, and c) it’s easier to just steam some tofu rather than go all the way over to the shared kitchen to stir fry some chicken, pork, or beef. Toss all the food with soy sauce (and sriracha if you feel spicy), and your student will be eating healthier than most of the kids on their floor.


Indoor Grill

Do you know what’s delicious when it’s cold out and/or you have no time or energy to leave your room? Quesadillas. When I wasn’t eating rice from my rice cooker, I was eating quesadillas. You can also do things like grill chicken or vegetables too!  This model even has detachable plates which makes it a cinch to clean.


For the Student Neck-Deep in Studying

Caffeinated Drink of Choice

Most students need caffeine for those late-night study sessions. It’s nice to have something a little nicer than the usual fare though. There are nice tea collections for any sort of mood or weather, and fun bags of coffee. If you aren’t sure what flavor they enjoy, look for accessories. Portable tea infusers are great, and cold brew coffee makers can save a few trips to the coffee shop. And, if your student lives off of energy drinks, there’s nothing wrong with simply buying them a case of their favorite drink.



With all the time they’re spending at their desk, don’t let them forget that the outside world exists. This may have to involve bringing the outside world inside for the students most fully absorbed in their studies. A little spot of green can also brighten a space, and cute pots can make it even more cheerful.


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