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85% of Transcend Academy students get into one of their top 3 schools. Here's how:

Expert Coaches

Transcend Academy tutors come from top universities and are invested in seeing each student succeed no matter where in the world they are.

Personal Experience

We personalize our step-by-step curriculum to maximize college admissions chances for US and international students and families.

Unique Approach

Transcend Academy has helped over 3000 students using carefully curated curriculum to serve a diverse range of students.

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Learn about our classroom and professional development programs to help your students get their best scores on standardized tests and get into their best colleges.

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Transcend Academy just published an SAT manual to help you beat the SAT. This book includes a variety of unique methods and practice problems. Buy it in the Kindle Store today! 

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"I fell in love with Columbia University... but my SAT scores just didn't measure up. After a course of tutoring with my education advisor, my SAT scores improved dramatically - a total increase of over 200 points."

Betsy, Columbia University

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