We provide educational support for students in our communities. 





Helping students with academic, college, and career readiness.

Founded in the District of Columbia, Transcend Academy is a woman and minority owned business that has partnered with schools and community organizations to provide accessible, high-quality academic support for US and international students. Since 2010, Transcend has helped nearly 30,000 students reach their academic goals.


Broadening Horizons

Transcend Academy has expanded programming to over 50 simultaneous courses at high schools and nonprofit organizations.

Investing in Education

Our educators focus on results-based metrics to give students the support they need to achieve their goals.

Community Inclusion

We support a diverse range of students with English-language learning to promote higher education.


Academic Tutoring

Transcend Academy works with schools and organizations to provide supplemental academic support and college and career readiness for students. We prioritize student preparedness for school academic classes, college, and career.

English-Language Learning

Transcend's Spanish-English program has helped students improve on tests in their non-native language by utilizing translated materials and instruction in both Spanish and English.

Meaningful Partnerships 

We partner with schools and organizations desire support for a diversity of student populations. 

Our Programs

All the tools our students need for success.

Academic Programs

Prepare one-on-one or in small groups with academic tutoring, homework help, or test prep for official exams. We work with students in-person and online to increase student performance.

  • Expert coaches

  • Individual reports

  • Student materials

College and Career 

Our experts help with planning and application guidance to find the best college fit for each student. We schedule fall and spring meetings to ensure full readiness.

  • Resume/class review 

  • Activities planning 

  • Internship suggestions

Test Prep Guides

Transcend Academy's e-books on how to beat the ACT, TOEFL, and SAT tests. All of our guides include a variety of unique methods and practice questions for students to be fully prepared.

  • ACT Success

  • TOEFL Success

  • Beating the SAT

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